Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bubble Guppies Party

Beebsism: Sadie gets easily overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do with the excited feeling. She can have a meltdown or space out and not be able to take in and enjoy what is going on. Sadie also has a very hard time saying good bye to friends after they leave for a play date (what kid doesn't right). 

Our solution: I put up a piece of the party every day for a week, so she could ease into the change. Monday move around furniture. Tuesday pom pom chandelier. Wednesday party banner. And so on. No surprise parties for this girly. Next I made a large party schedule for Sadie to read so she would always know what was next. Last on the schedule is "say good bye to friends". We pretended saying good buy to our friends all week long. I kept reminding her that she would see them again at school to talk about how fun the party was. We just kept the party going, 
no down time.

I'm not so keen on character parties but what can you do when your cabbage patch cheeked girl requests specifically bubble guppies for her big 5? She is particular and likes things just so. She even requested a "Molly wig", which, by the way, does not exist. So I bought a pink halloween wig and made "Molly" packaging. It was actually really fun to create a boutiquie (is that a word) bubble guppies party. With the help of photoshop and some very talented sisters this party was a hit. I knew I prepared well when Sadie turned to me after dipping a little finger into her frosting and said "this is the best party ever mom!" It made me all teary. Yes it was the best party ever but the fact that she could take it in and enjoy it was a huge accomplishment. That meant the most to me.

My sister Jess is a brilliant seamstress and sewed 14, yes 14 mermaid tails.  The kids totally freaked out when I told them they get to take them home!

Oh so cute invite!Thanks to Holly!Thanks to all my sisters! I couldn't have pulled this off with out you!

Here's the links to the party goods: Moly shirt, fish crayons, necklace supplies, printouts for necklace,chevron bags, paper straws, bento whale, mermaid doll, Print my Molly wig packaging here. Bubble Guppies podcasts on itunes- for freeze dance. Everything else we made up!Check out my Pinterest for more bubble guppies party ideas


  1. Ummm. THis party is amazing! Great job! Love those mermaid tails. :)

  2. Wow. This is beyond greatness!! What a special party - love how you did the schedule! Every detail was packed with love, clearly. Way to go mom! (Found you through Lana at Along Came the Bird).

  3. What were the activities?

  4. Where can I find a wig similar to the one u found? Link you provided isn't working.


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