Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Oregon Trail

So my sister and I lost our dang minds, loaded up my kiddos and her darling 8 month old into my mini van and drove 16 hours to Oregon. And why pray tell would you do this Nicki? Well for this:

And this:

Ok our real motivation was to visit our family. Our Grandpa just turned 80 and he hadn't met our children yet and so spurred the road trip. We are staying with our aunt who lives in a wonderland of moss covered oak trees along a beautiful rushing river. Ya I may never leave. My kids fall asleep before I can get them in pjs due to nonstop outside fun. I have unlimited homemade banana bread at my disposal and don't even get me started on the caliber of antique shops here . Last night we were devouring my aunts homemade lasagna. My uncle who makes a joke every so often (or like every 5 seconds) said " is this the Elk lasagna or the deer lasagna honey?" it took me a second to realize he wasn't making a joke. My aunt confirmed it was elk. So ladies and gentlemen I have eaten Elk Lasangna and it was delicious. Some of you may be thinking , big deal, but I'm from southern California okay!


  1. So glad you made it safe and are having such a great time! Whether or not you come back... I need Jackie Here be Wednesday for family pics! LOL

  2. i love you nicki. AND this blog is fantastic. There is something about a road trip with kids and no husbands that makes a woman feel like she has super powers. Good job!!!

  3. So glad you guys are loving it! I must admit, though... I AM a little grossed out that you ate elk. Not sure I'll get over it. ;)

  4. Elk is awesome and very healthy. When I lived in CO, we ate it in place of beef and my skin condition cleared up. Great pics and so glad you made the venture!


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