Monday, April 2, 2012

Hitting social story

Beebsism: Sadie hits. A lot. It's her first reaction to being frustrated, tired, angry. Sometimes she will just hitcha out of the blue for no reason. 
Our Solution: We came up with this social story and token system. I am determined to put this behavior on extinction!!! So we read this social story several times during the day. 

Then we introduce this token system:

These are the choices I laminated and she gets to velcro her choice onto the page.
If she hits she does not get her reward and we delete an app on the iPad. I take a dry erase marker and make an X over an app box and delete the app right in front of her. We haven't really used a negative consiquence in a token system yet, so here's hopin'. Her ABA team totally helped me with this. We agreed that I should start with apps that aren't her favorites and work our way up. She can always earn an app back by "choosing an app" as her reward and since it is in the "iCloud" I don't have to purchase it all over again:) 

BTW: that funny arrow sign on the rewards means "airplay". When you press that on the iPad, the video your watching will automatically show up on your TV (if you have the apple tv box). Sadie gets a big kick out of this, so we incorporated it.

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  1. Have I told you lately that you make the absolute BEST and cutest social stories?? Seriously - they are artwork in my opinion! And the token system - great idea.

    BTW - "oh well, maybe next time" is a good reminder for me, too! :)


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