a tid bit about me

My name is Nicki Smith, like so many before me I used to be a young creative girl with an exciting job. I was a hair stylist/makeup artist and I could create and craft on my every whim. Then I got married to a dashing young man and became a mommy and life became even more exciting. 

My 5 year old daughter Sadie has been diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. Since she was about 18 months old she has been in countless hours of therapies.Five days a week from 9am to 5pm we were in or driving to a therapy. She was about 3 years old when she started to communicate and finally talk to us. At almost 4 she started to walk using a walker and leg braces.For at least 2 years of her life we were unsure how Sadie would be cognitively or if she would even understand who we were. Now I can happily say that she is the most clever 5 year old you will ever meet. She was able to start kindergarten this year in a typical class. She still has to have her own aid to help her through out the day but it is more then we dared to dream 2 years ago. As Sadie has gotten better we get to enjoy small windows of a more normal life. 

Sadie's little brother, MicahII who she has forever named "Bro" has been such a trooper through it all. For the past three years he has spent his days tagging along to various therapies. He calls his sister "Beebs" and couldn't be sweeter to her. He also has a smile that can melt you like butter and make you hand him the world on a plate or at least the 7th serving of goldfish crackers he's demanding.

My life for the past four years has been nothing less then crazy but all the hard work has paid off in Sadie's progress. We still have much to do in a day but with Sadie in school I found that I have a tad bit of time to actually get dishes done so I decided to blog instead.

I refuse to let my kids miss out on things so we just adapt. I fancy myself a creative person and I just wanted to share how we tackle everyday things as well as the big to do's. Even though I'm swamped with other challenges I still like to decorate my house and throw cute birthday parties just like any other mom. This blog is about how I do it all and avoid the melt downs (excluding my own of course). 


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love the funky look of your blog and your kids sound awesome. I have added you to my blogroll so I am sure to drop by and keep updated. I know what you mean about writing about the 'beginning' too. It's not easy, but actually rather cathartic and healing once you do it. You have one amazing little girl there for sure x

    1. Thank you! I'm going to add you to mine too. I know I just need to sit and write our beginning. I really appreciate the encouragement!


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