Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New leg brace

Beebsism: Sadie has always had to wear her leg braces at night and she has grown to tolerate them pretty well. Her left leg and foot are still getting really tight despite her recent heal cord surgery. So we had to have a KAFO made. It's a brace that she will have to wear at night and it goes all the way up her leg to keep her knee straight. This one is also supposed to flex her foot up as she relaxes. 
What we do: Bribery usually works for Sadie. Since she picked dalmatians to adorn her leg brace I surprised her with Ember Flicker Flame. Sadie collects these Lalaloopsy dolls and was so excited that Ember had a Dalmatian just like on her braces!

We made a chart and the deal was that she had to wear her brace 3 nights in a row and then she would get Ember and her puppy. This has been super hard! For me and her! I have been putting the brace on her an hour before bed time but by the time midnight rolls around there is major whining and crying. (PT stop reading here) I have been giving in and taking it off! I figure 5 hours a night is a good stretch and we will keep working our way up. Oh and yes I gave in to the doll too after 3 -5 hour nights. I can't keep that girl from her Lalaloopsys! 

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