Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank You, Thank you Park Mom!

Upon arrival at the park yesterday Sadie announced for all the pre existing attendants: "Hi Everyone! We are at the park!" She followed Bro around in her walker through the wood chips. I went to sit on the side lines so that she would ask for my help with out being prompted. I waited but Sadie stayed on the ground and on her own, tried to interact with the other children. I get so giddy when she does this! (Never mind that she yells "HI!" 6 inches from their faces). She had approached a boy who looked a couple years older then her. She waited for his response but he just stared. Stared at her walker, stared at her leg braces. I like to think he was just enamored by her beauty. Suddenly, his mom, I'm assuming, jumped from a picnic bench and said to her son firmly "STOP STARRING! Ask her her name! Ask her if she would like to play!" I guess typical kids need promoting too. THANK YOU! THANK YOU PARK MOM!!!! It took a lot for me not to start clapping.  I did go sit and start to chat with her, then she followed me around as I had to help Sadie on the playground and asked me questions about my daughter's condition. It's so refreshing when they just ask! Theres been so many times when people just assume things. My favorite is when Sadie's legs are in casts after Botox injections. As elevator doors are closing I hear murmurs like" how on earth did that little girl break both her legs" Come on people this custom pink wheelchair doesn't suggest that this is kind of a permanent situation? Once my husband caught a mom telling their kid that Sadie had a birth defect and thats why she is the way she is. He got really upset and informed this woman of the proper verbage. How will people know if they don't ask? It's fine just ask me! It's the same thing as me asking about your kids soccer practice. I bet we even do the same amount of driving involved in our children's "extra curricular activities". As far as little ones go, they are usually curious and ask anyways. Lets just all teach our children not to stare and to just say hello, like this ever so clever park mom did. Thanks again, Park Mom!

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  1. Oh, I'm loving this post... and park mom! We spend so much time teaching our kids how to make friends, initiate play, and the like. Typical kids often need a little teaching, too! This mom did awesome - and chances are, next time, her son will do just fine on his own. Good job!


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