Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Very Beginning

I've finally sat down and finished writing our "story".  Sorry it took so long. Have you ever started to tell someone about your child only to see the look on there face is showing you they can't relate what so ever and in fact may be uncomfortable with the subject of your special needs kiddo all together. I have been through that and you feel like you shared a piece of your heart for nothing. I think that feeling is what held me back from writing about my Sadie's Journey.Then there's perfect strangers at Disneyland who ask me about Sadie's condition and become more hopeful for there own child or someone in their lives after hearing how far Sadie has come. Those are the people I'm writing for. Please comment or feel free to share your story. If it's super long, email me ,I want to hear it. I love feeling like I'm not alone:) Please click on "The Very Beginning" for Sadie's story.

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  1. Heading to your tab to read the "story of Sadie" but I had to tell you - she is the snazziest little dresser! :)


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