Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The case of the purple cast

Yesterday went very well, as well as sending your little five year old off to heal cord legthening surgery can be. We arrived at San Diego Children's Hospital at 5:30 am. Sadie was quite cheery at first. She broke out into song during the check in process. It was really a loud serenade for so early in the morning but there was none who dared stop her. After a while we were taken to a secondary waiting area where Sadie would change into her hospital clothes. Although children's hospitals do there best to make these clothes fun, Sadie was quite disenchanted having had to wear them before for other procedures. The astronaut kids and puppies were in no way appealing to her and as she put them on she started to say she was scared. I was ok until then. All I could do was reassure her that mommy and daddy would keep her safe and that the surgery would be fast. I then reminded her that she would have a fun colored cast that her friends could write on. She went on and on about how she wanted yellow or purple(I prepped her to have 2 color choices). After more waiting, multiple nurses and doctors came to check up on us. I inquired to each one about the colored cast and each one had the same reply. There was only white in the surgery department. Now for those of you who know Sadie you know the face she makes when she is devastated. It is the sadest thing you will ever see. Her lips curl down in such a way that wrenches your heart. This face only occurs in matters which are of great importance to Sadie. As tears welled up in her eyes she choked out"white casts are only on shows!" She was right, white casts were for the big screen. Here in real life we get to pick a neon colored cast people! Especially at a children's hospital for goodness sake! For about a half an hour I planned a secret ops mission to run to the next building to the clinic were we have gotten colored casts before. It would involve stealing scrubs for a disguise or hunting down someone in the clinic who recognized me or just walking fast avoiding eye contact like I had a purpose. My mastermind train of thought was broken as a nurse named Francis plopped a package of purple casting material down on the desk in front of me. Sadie gasped in happy surprise. " I have no words to describe the difference you have made today, thank you!" I told her. Francis saved the day!

 Soon after we wheeled Sadie to her surgery room. They told my husband and I that one of us could go in with her while she was going under. I went in. The worst part is right when they put the mask on. Sadie looked so frightened and I had to put on my bravest face. I told her she looked so silly with that mask on and she was making me laugh. She soon drifted off and I was suddenly an emotional wreck. I pulled it together and joined my husband in the waiting room. I had thought earlier that I would blog about the day while I was waiting but at this point I was paralyzed. I only wished I cold turn off my brain until Sadie was out. After a minute my husband sweetly asked if he could get me something to eat or drink. I think my eyes glowed red as I snapped" No! I can't possibly eat right now! Why would I want to eat right now?!" he then squeezed my hand and handed me an ear bud connected to his iPod. He showed me the screen. He had downloaded the newest episode of Sherlock, my very favorite show next to Downton Abbey. Thats just what I needed, to not have to think for an hour. Just before Sherlock and Watson were going to be introduced to Irene Adler we were paged.

 The Surgen said that everything went perfectly and they were able to get Sadie's foot past neutral by 10 degrees (which is a normal range). Sadie's first words waking up were "Is my Cast so cute?" She then asked a multitude of questions in a listless voice. "am I still cute? Was I so brave? Are my toes okay?" The Doctor had told us Sadie would be in pain for a few days and then sent us on our way. Since we have been home, Sadie has been in high spirits. She hasn't been cranky or in very much pain if any at all. She had a couple care packages come today from her dear friend Abby and from Ninah (her grandma) and I think that made for a pretty awesome day. She has fallen asleep easily the past couple nights. I just feel like I'm getting the hugest break ever!Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers especially those who payed that I would be able to get some sleep:)

P.S. Lately Sadie has been into saying "the case of...(she makes up something here)" Hence the post title. Just thought it was more fun then " This is how the surgery went down"


  1. I'm so glad the the surgery went well...and that she got the purple cast!! I'm with Sadie -- if one has to wear a cast it must be perfectly purple!!

  2. I am so glad your post was titled "the case of the purple cast" and not "the case of why the children's hospital doesn't have colored casts".

    Glad to hear that road to recovery has been quite smooth.

    Oh - and just discovered Downton Abbey myself this week. Already on Episode 4! Love! :)

  3. Thanks! Downton Abby is quite addicting! My husband and I nearly watched the whole first season of netflix one night!

  4. You two are a great team. You knew exactly what Sadie needed to hear and he knew exactly what you needed to watch (he was thinking ahead). Your love story is so inspiring!


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