Sunday, March 11, 2012

Haircut day!

First of all hair cut day is for me. Your out of luck if you think Sadie would let me touch her hair with scissors after we saw "Tangled" in the theater 7 times. Haircut day is a day I long look forward too. Yes, I am a hairstylist but cutting my own hair would prove rather difficult don't you think. I have to schedule my haircut three months in advance because my  "guy" (who is actually an old chum of mine) gets quite booked up. Then when you add in my schedule, wa la 3 months wait. When I scheduled this Saturday appointment forever ago, Sadie's surgery wasn't yet set up, but as she is recovering fairly well I didn't feel that guilty about leaving her with Dad to take the day off. On Haircut Day I drive out to my favorite city, see my old friend at HDF and told him to cut my hair however. I am in love with how Sunny cuts my hair! When I'm done my hair feels super fun but still feminine. I always feel new and refreshed! In fact I may even get dressed for taking Sadie to school in the morning. I then make my way to my favorite vintage shops and peruse around .  I love love love big cities! I really think I was meant to live in one however Hubby thinks different.  In our situation (I hate to say it)  he is probably right. If moving elsewhere would be helpful for Sadie he would go for it but as of now we feel perfectly situated in our great school district and proximity to her daily therapies. Anyways back to my city dream: I have a midcentury modern or craftsman house and I can walk to a farmers market to come home with a brown bag and a baguette sticking out of it. Of course there are wood floors involved. There are always wood floors in my dream houses.  
Ahhh.  Sadie is supposed to go back to school tomorrow. It's 10:15 and she's started to whine. I think she's starting to feel some pain. Time for cuddles. Back to reality:)

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  1. A happy Mama is a happy family! I am glad you take that time for yourself (even if it is every 3 months) because you are able to recharge and you DESERVE it!


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