Monday, October 29, 2012

Fundraising: Wheels for Sadie!

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I dream a little too big. Let me tell you of my Christmas morning fail. So when deciding what to get the kids for Christmas I decided that I really wanted to get Bro a balance bike. It's a two wheeler bike without pedals. I went down to our local bike shop and picked up a really awesome matt black bike with matching pirate scull helmet- super cute! After I took it home I started to think of all the fun he would have on this bike at the park and in the drive way, popping wheelies and squealing with glee. I then pictured Sadie feeling sad because she couldn't ride a bike.  The trike we first bought for her has a push along handle and so that is all we could do was push her along because pedaling at that angle was super difficult for her. The wheels in my head started turning . I convinced my husband (meaning he didn't exactly say no but just gave me the "your crazy look") that if I could some how get a bike without pedals and that still had training wheels she could scoot along and have much bike riding fun with her Brother. I had thoroughly convinced myself that this was the most brilliant idea and that I was genius. The thought that Sadie might have a physical activity that she enjoyed made it all that easier to rush down to our bike shop and lay down a good little chunk of money on a shiny pink bike that would not have pedals or spokes and added training wheels.

Christmas morning came, we tried her "balance bike" and she went a little ways before saying she needed to rest. I thought if we just get out every day and practice that she would eventually get it and start to have fun. No such luck. I went to my Physical therapist with my frustrations. They had just received a special needs bike to demo so we put Sadie in it. There was all kinds of straps and buckles and her feet where even buckled to the pedals. Sadie peddled that thing around with very little effort and had the biggest smile of satisfaction on her face. I couldn't help but tear up, she was having so much fun on it. Her physical therapist showed me that because she didn't have to worry about trunk control she could focus on pedaling plus the angle of the pedals were positioned in a way to make it easier. "I need it! How much is it?" I immediately asked. Her therapist answered "probably as much as a used car". My heart sank. She then put us in touch with Freedom Concepts . They have helped me make this registry for Sadie to make it easy for people to donate. They also help contact charities to help us with the cost. 

I just posted our link on Face Book a few hours ago and our dear friends and family have already raised over 200$! Please share my link on Face Book and if you feel so inclined please chip in at:

Thank you dear readers!!!!

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