Saturday, December 15, 2012

Freedom at last!

Are you ready to see PURE HAPPY?

Wait for it......

This my dear readers is the epitome of Joy! Beebs received her bike this last Monday and we haven't been able to keep her off. On it's first maiden voyage down the street, Beebs shouted to every passing kid "Hey look! I can ride a bike now too!!!"  The whole time she's riding she's singing a happy little tune and you know those exaggerated sounds from old black and white shows of kids going "weeee and ya hoo!"?- Sadie actually makes those and means every bit of it. I knew she would love the bike but seeing in her face and demeanor how free and successful she feels when riding it is beyond my wildest dreams. Nothing is sweeter. For all those who donated, you brought this smile to her.
Bro was just as excited to be able to ride with his sister. I was a little worried that he might be envious of the brand new bike and all its glittery purple greatness. He was really only concerned that Sadie had a bell and he didn't. Then he remembered his batman bike had buttons that made noises so he went and grabbed that one and was happy as a lark to ride with his sister. 
Sadie has named her bike "Freedom" (it says Freedom Concepts all over it) although not very original it  is quite perfect. Her walker is named "Walkerie". She hasn't named her wheelchair, which is fine with me, the less we see of "whats his name" the better:) Anyhow it's been a little rainy today and so Beebs has assured "Freedom" that she will take hime out tomorrow. I also heard her tell "Freedom" that he will soon be getting a basket with a real kitten in it. Dream on Beebs.



  1. This is so great to see! Love the photos :) Merry Christmas <3

  2. This would put a smile on anyone's face , how exciting for Sadie , and how exciting for all who love her (:


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