Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pretty Distractions: lets start with a pink wall

You know what I love about my Hubby? He can come home from a long business trip to a giant pink square in our front room and he doesn't complain. Ok so he says something like "When did I sign up for a giant pink square on our dining room wall?" and I say "When you married me" Then I get a big kiss and he grabs the camera and snaps some shots for the blog.

My sister and I went to the Renegade craft fair in LA this winter and I loved the use of triangles on everything. It's kind of got this "Modern Geometric Native American" feel. It inspired me. Since I want a mid century modern eclectic feel for my front room these triangles would be simple and perfect. I chose to stick to three colors. A peachy pink to bring in the Pretty Chair. Then white and a little bit of shiny gold metallic for some retro elegance.  

This is Beebs cracking up because I said "butt", as in "Please don't take a picture of my butt" I was in my long john PJ's. No one really needs to see that:) 

I was so worried that my homemade stencil wasn't going to work out, but it did! Plan B was going to be tapping off a million triangles, however plan A worked. YEAH! This may look easy to you and ya the painting part was actually time consuming but not that hard. It was the measuring and calculating that was intense! Now I know why I needed math!

 TA DA! I can't stop looking at it! It's so pretty! I am so pleased. It's not often that a design idea in my head translates the same in real life. My room is on its way! Can't wait to put it all together!


  1. Love it Love it Love it! It is so very you! And I love seeing you put all those ideas in your head somewhere outside of your head... sounds weird but you and I both know its true! Love to see it coming along!

  2. Wow! That's super impressive! Love it!!!!

  3. this is adorable! I just came across your blog via pinterest, such cute ideas!


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