Friday, February 8, 2013

The Birthday party + Social Story

Ok so this year Beebs has been invited to 1 play date and exactly 0 birthday parties. Last year she was a little socialite as far as parties go. I mean we even had to turn a couple down because we were getting too busy. As I'm writing this it just dawned on me that I threw a big birthday bash for Beebs in the beginning of the kindergarden school year. It was kind of the most awesome Bubble Guppies party ever! This year we settled on Disneyland passes. So ok lesson learned. Maybe thats how how kindergarden friends and parents got to see Sadie as a regular little girl and not as the girl your scared to ask about. Who am I kidding maybe it was because the parents got to see me look semi put together instead of the loch ness monster look I have going on every morning at drop off. 

Regardless when Sadie comes home now from first grade and asks why she missed so and so's party on Saturday and why did I lose the invitation, my heart aches a little bit. I'm kind of grateful that she could not imagine not being invited to said party. It of course is always an oversight on my part. I can just imagine what parents think if their kiddo did want to invite Sadie. "How would we include her if she can't walk? I don't want to be responsible for that kind of situation, will her walker make tire marks on my carpet?(well I would think about that ok)" I don't hate parents that think of these things before they don't invite my daughter, I get it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So this is why when a mom came up to me last week and said "Kylie really wants Sadie to come to her sleep over birthday party next week. Do you think we could work something out?" I almost tackled her with a huge grateful hug! Don't worry I kept my cool. "Yes, Sadie will be so excited"(while I'm squealing inside). We worked it out where I am going to go and help and then take Sadie home late when everyone is going to bed. 

Sadie is soooo thrilled. The party is tonight! Of course we have been practicing all week on saying goodbye. I have been going over and over with her about how we are not spending the night and that the sleeping part is super boring anyways. I hope pray we can avoid a tantrum. Sadie's starting to get to that age where the other children shrink away when she starts to throw her fits. There are still some of those social separations that are getting more obvious as she gets older. ((((Deep Breath))) It's going to be fun.

Here is the social story we have been working on:

Kylie's party is going to be so much fun!
If I get really excited I can just laugh or giggle 
I don't want to crawl away from my friends when we are having fun.
My mom will be there if I need a squeeze
At nine o'clock it will be time for me to go home and my friends will go to sleep
I won't cry because I had so much fun at the party 
I can say "Goodbye Kylie thank you for inviting me!"
That will show my friends I am a big girl and then I can invite Kylie to my house for a playdate soon!

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  1. Just seeing this now - how did it go? Dying to know


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