Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When in doubt google a cat pic

In Sadie's homework packet last week, the parents were sent home a heart and told to write a poem or a letter to their child. Your probably thinking "How sweet, what lovely sentiment will Nicki think of?" Actually, my first thought was, When will I have time for that?! (I know mother of the year right here). Of course I completely forgot about it until this morning and we had ten minutes before we had to cram in the car to make it to school. I thought, maybe Sadie won't know I didn't make the stupid card because there will be so many she won't even be able to tell wich one is hers, right? I then had an epiphany. I sat down and googled "Cat with glasses". Sadie won't care about a poem or a letter she will however giggle over a funny cat picture. Hearing Sadie's laugh, giggle or snicker is by far the most heart warming thing so TA DA! This is what Sadie will see among the dozens of hearts in the front office.

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