Saturday, November 9, 2013


  3 Years ago we applied for a service dog through a wonderful organization called Tender Loving Canine Assistance Dogs.  2 years later our application was excepted and this last July we were officially paired with Solar, the overly adorable Labor-doodle your cooing over in the pictures. I have been working with a trainer from TLCAD without Sadie since July so that I could get the hang of his commands and get confident with handling him in public (walking around Nordstroms with a dog takes some getting used to). Yesterday was Sadie's first day to train with Solar. It was like she was waiting for this day her whole life! We got into the mall we planned to meet at and as soon as she spotted Solar she ran/coasted in her walker to meet her soon to be best friend. The trainer connected Solar to Sadie using a little vest and tether and we were on our way. I can't in all of Sadie's life remember having such a remarkable day. Sadie walked around the mall for almost 2 hours without a meltdown, tantrum or bolting away from me. I usually function at such a high anxiety level when I have Sadie out in the community, yesterday I just got to enjoy walking with my daughter. I knew that having a service dog would change our lives but to actually experience that was really quite emotional for me. I plan on keeping y'all updated. We are hoping to be able to bring Solar home before the end of the year but will have much more training to to. To learn more about how you can help more kiddos like Sadie get a service dog click here. If your thinking about getting a service dog for your own kiddo, Canines for kids can help you find an organization in your area.

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