Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100 years old

So today is Sadie's 100th day of school and she was supposed to dress up like a 100 year old. When I went to pick her up yesterday I asked her if she was excited to dress up. Her aid gave me the "don't talk about it look" Sadie immediately told me how she did not want to look like a hundred years old but teacher had come up with the "most wonderful idea" and said she could wear her cute yellow scarf.  Which told me she had a hard time with the idea and her teacher saved it. (She does have the best teacher in the world by the way). So it was decided she will not dress up like an old lady but her yellow scarf would be sufficient. This morning I tried talking her into baby powder in her hair but she was not having it! When in the bath she said "Don't let me take a very long bath today, I don't want to get wrinkly!" This coming from a girl who would live in the bathtub if I let her. I don't know why she is so uncomfortable with it. She loves halloween as long as there is no make up and changing of hair color. This November I dyed my hair dark brown and all Sadie could say every five minutes was "why did you do that to your hair mommy?"She will ask me every time I do her hair if I like her hair color the way it is. Like I have this special power to change hair color and she's scared I will do it to her. Now that I think about it, I bet gray hair was brought up in class and that is what triggered this response. 

Beebsism:Sadie has a difficult time with change in her daily routine (sometimes). She also gets upset about random things she is uncomfortable with, by upset I mean scream and hit.
Our Solution:Luckily we caught that Sadie might  have a hard time with the "hundred year old thing" but I can't stop the other kids from dressing up. Furthermore her aids will be gone for 3 days to attend ABA training so there will be substitutes. This combo makes for a difficult day for Sadie and I hate that! Social stories work really well for Sadie. It's something she can read to give her the appropriate behavior to deal with a situation. I wrote this one last night:
I also put an immediate award (an i pad ap she wants) if she can make it through the day without hitting. I usually don't do this on a daily basis, but for a day I know will be hard I implement a reward for the appropriate behavior. We went over it a few times before school and then I left it there with the teacher and aids. Now lets all just cross our fingers and hope this works!!! Any suggestions? What do you do to prevent meltdowns?

Sadie is sporting Granny Chic today. How more granny can you get then a walker and glasses? Just don't tell her that:)


  1. I love your social story! I haven't tried much of that yet with Lily but I'm starting to think it might be time. And your "granny" - adorbs! :)

    1. Thanks! Social stories are a new thing for us but I feel like we kind of get through to her that way. It's our version of a "pep talk" kind of:)

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