Saturday, February 4, 2012

app for social stories

So Sadie survived 100 day! Yeah! Her teacher let me know she started to get really upset but they read her the social story again and before they got through it she was all smiles again! Sadie's ABA case manager and I have been scouring iTunes for an app to catalog Sadie's social stories. How nice would it be to be able to have them on the iPad and on my iPhone where ever we go. We finally found an app called notability. This week it's only 99 cents! So this app is awesome for social stories! Here is why:

1. you can type in your social story right on your iPad then add pictures from google or draw your own!
2. If Sadies therapist writes one, she can write it in the app on her iPad, then email it to me. It will be in a notability file so I just open it up and wal la it downloads into my collection of social stories!
3. You can record your self or your child reading the story
4. you can title it and organize it in a table of contents sort of thing.

So the only bummer is that it doesn't transfer to my iPhone. If anyone has found anything better please comment or email me!

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  1. This sounds great! I'm going to go ahead and buy it since it's such a great price. That way, I'll have it at the ready when we start social stories ourselves.


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