Monday, March 5, 2012

"and do you love me?"

Beebsism:When Sadie is nervous, anxious, excited or scared she will ask over and over again "and do you love me?"

Our Solution: Absolutely nothing, it's the sweetest thing and I adore it. In these particular situations Sadie went from uncontrollable crying and some head banging to then covering your mouth and telling you "no no! Don't talk about it!" and now to "and do you love me" I prefer the later, and no matter how many times she asks we all (including Bro) answer her in the affirmative.

Tomorrow is the big day. I know Sadie is a little nervous because I heard "and do you love me" in her little voice at least 30 times in the 10 min it took for her to get snuggled into her bed. She is such a brave little girl. I talked to Bro today about how Sadie was going to be in a cast and how we needed to take care of her. He responded "I am good at vat (that)". I love that boy. We will be up at 3am in order to get Bro over to my sisters and then get to San Diego by 5:30am. I feel really calm and reassured that all will be well. I am so thankful my husband is going with us. I know he's mostly going to be there for Sadie but I think he knows that I need him too. I know it's not like Sadie is having open heart surgery but she's having her heel cord cut! EEEK! No, I really am calm. (eeek again!)


  1. Please tell Sadie That I love her too... and Abby really really loves her.... and that Scott does too... We all do. And I love you Nick. I know the feeling of Calm and Eeek at the same time. Its weird. But good. Please Have Micah give her a blessing. Its important. Oh.. and you need one too. LOVE you. Call me if you need to chat! I hate the waiting part.

  2. Prayers have been sent your way! I love you and think of you often through out my days.


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