Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 days until surgery

I'm a bit scared tonight. It seams that Sadie is most definitely having her surgery this tuesday. The orthopedic surgeon is going to lengthen her heal cord on the left side and take out a muscle sample for further testing.  It's been officially scheduled for a month now but there were so many variables in which could postpone it. All the many tests the doctors have been running were to see if something else could aid Sadie's muscle development. Usually this surgery isn't done on children until there about 8 to 10 years old however in Sadie's case, the way she walks tip toed and turned in, threatens the proper development of her foot and the bones therein. I feel good about the surgery and hopeful about the outcome but I'm still scared. I'm scared about the recovery. I have to be prepared to start at ground zero again. All her gain will be wiped away and we will be virtually starting all over with strengthening her leg to get her to walk again. I'm not so worried about the actual surgery or the three weeks in the cast. I'm just worried about the inevetable aftermath. In this case I will really need to be in therapist mode and I'm not always the best at that. 

I have been prepping Sadie the best I can. She will have a temporary black wheelchair as opposed to her pink one to keep her leg up. The one was delivered to our home this last week so I have been able to talk about the change with her. All we have to say is that it's black like Zoey (my sisters dog) and Sadie is totally cool with it. She is also quite excited about her friends getting to draw on her cast. When I tried to ask her what flavor she was going to pick for the anesthesia mask she said "I've already picked all of them and none of them are very good" What could I say to that? I suggested that she should pick two like strawberry bubble gum to trick the doctor. She giggled and agreed that that would be funny. I don't know what else I can do. Hubby has that day off to go to the Children's hospital with us and Amazon just delivered a much wanted Lala Loopsy doll that I'm saving for the occasion.  I just always pray we are doing the right thing and concerning this surgery I have the overwhelming feeling that it is what we are supposed to do for her. 

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  1. Hang in there, mama. Sadie is a lucky girl to have such a dedicated mommy! Anything worthwhile comes with a price, I'm certain this will help Sadie (even if the immediate is a little bumpy). Hugs and prayers your way!


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