Friday, March 2, 2012

Knee pads with style

Beebsism: Sadie cannot go from floor to standing without assistance and she cannot go from standing to floor without plopping down hard on her knees, making me cringe at the sound and sight of it.

Our Soloution: As much as I wish I had a magic wand to make her cute little legs work correctly I do not so I spent a good long time on the web trying to find a comfortable knee pad that would fit a giant crawling five year old. These knee pads from lil' melon are perfect. They have 2 designs that come in the bigger toddler sizes. They are soft and breathable. Not only do they protect Sadie's knees when she descends to the ground but they also protect her ever so cute Gap yoga pants from obtaining a hole when crawling around.


  1. Nicki... I am really enjoying your blog. You are such an example to so many. I admire you. I remember looking up to you when I was a new beehive and I look up to you now.

    Good luck on your continuing journey and know that I think about you often when working and dealing with my own 3 children.


  2. Very, very stylish! I have a feeling other moms may be asking where they can get some for their daughters - Sadie's going to start a fashion trend! :)


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