Friday, April 13, 2012

R is for rice. Rice is for focus.

When Sadie was 3 she started mimicking letter sounds induced by this big fancy kit of Sound Tubs  brought out by her speech therapist. I ran out and bought them just so I could hear her little voice at home too. Sadie is now quite brilliant with her letter recognition and so I have engaged her help in teaching Bro. To keep them focused, I have a rice bin. As long as Sadie has a hand (or foot) in the rice she can stay on task (for a bit longer then usual that is). We do one letter each time. I dump the letter tub into the rice and begins our little lesson.


  1. Fun idea! And how nice that you have a little assistant to help you teach Bro his letters. :)

  2. Teaching others is the best way to firm your knowledge of a particular skill so they are both learning! Love it!!!


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