Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Gypsy Dream

I feel like my mojo has been gone for a couple weeks. I’m trying to get it back, my husband came home with a super big Red Bull for me and took the kids while I went estate sale shopping this morning to try and pep me up. It worked a little. Coming home with a David Bowie record worked a little more. It’s the little things that overwhelm me sometimes.

So, I am not really great at making friends, wait scratch that, my calendar isnt very good at keeping friends and so I’m not exactly the socialite I used to be. I love the kind of friends that you can not talk to for months and it doesn’t change a thing about your friendship. Despite my recent antisocial ways I have made a great new friend who is in my boat. You know the boat that gets rocked alot, lost at sea. Anyways, I confessed to her that I dream about being lost in space where there is no sound or responsibility and does that make me awful? I was surprised to hear that she had a similar fantasy but hers was running away with a band of gypsys and eating beans out of a can next to a campfire. Hello! Way better dream then “lost in space” and thank you dear friend for making me feel like I’m not the only one who wants to run away sometimes.  So no I really would never ever really leave but I do like the gypsy dream. I can only hope that she’s still my friend after she reads that I've revealed her deep dark secret in this post. I think perhaps she should be my guest writer. She has the most clever things to say, we could even call her “Gypsy Lady”. What do you say friend?


  1. Nicki, I can't BELIEVE you told all that I would eat beans from a can. Seriously. Beans should be soaked overnight and made from scratch.

    (((hugs)) mama... don't fret, I promise to take you with me.


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