Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Cute Little Handicap Bathroom

Making the bathroom more accessible for Sadie was a great excuse for a fun little remodel. I knew Sadie wasn’t going to be independent over night but I wanted to give her the opportunity to be able to practice her basic daily living skills.  Sadie’s strength is never consistent, she has ups and downs depending on the day. On her “good” days I wanted her to feel safe and confident as she tries to accomplish these everyday tasks. Upon redesigning this bathroom here are the things I needed to keep in mind:

  • Sadie needed to get in and out with her walker
  • she needed a sturdy way to get herself on the potty
  • we needed grab bars in and next to the bathtub so that I could hold her hand while she got in and out of the tub rather than having me lift her
  • we needed a shorter sink so she didn’t have to stand on an unsteady stool to wash hands (the stool in the picture is more for Bro’s benefit)
  • Everything needs to be pretty!

The first thing we had to do was take off the glass shower door off. That’s a must for any kids bathroom! After some paint and beadboard I found this super cute handicap grab bar. We placed it across from the toilet and next to the bathtub. We placed a handle grab bar at the edge of the tub. Another mom from Sadie’s preschool class showed me the potty stool. I have tried a few others but this one was by far the sturdiest. I got super lucky and found one off craigslist. The existing vanity was really pretty but it was so big you could barely close the door, let alone get a little walker in there. Finding a sink short enough was tricky. I ended up getting a nightstand from Ikea, cutting a hole and placing one of their basin sinks on top. I kind of sort of splurged on the faucet.It has no other special purpose except that I LOVED it! Plus the water doesn’t gush out super fast so there's no unnecessary water splatter everywhere after little ones wash hands.

So far, depending on what kind of day Sadie is having (or what outfit she’s wearing) she has been able to get up on the potty by herself. We are still working on pulling up pants and getting down. She can get in and out of the tub with a one hand assist and she can totally wash her hands independently. She is working on teeth brushing, which I just generally don’t trust either of my kiddos to do on their very own just yet. All in all I’ve been super happy with the functionality and the look of our little bathroom.






  1. I love it! It needs to be in a magazine. I just remodeled my bathroom 2 months ago and it is wonderful to go to my sanctuary in the morning. It is amazing how uplifting changing your environment can help you start the day off on the "right foot". And now Beebs has the support she needs to start the day off on "both feet".


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