Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gypsy Musings

I Will Survive 

OK, so all this talk of outings and fun time reminded that I needed to get my Survival Kit restocked and ready to go. You know, that handy bag of things you just can't leave home without. I suppose we could do fine without them, but I was in Girl Scouts, and can't resist the urge to be prepared. I'm going to skip over the boring stuff practical items, like snacks, water, and sunscreen. 

What's in your Survival Kit?

Gypsy Mama's Survival Kit

  1. Change of clothes sealed in a ziploc bag. We don't have potty accidents anymore, but spills DO happen. And a spill, my friends, means wet clothes. Wet clothes= the end of the world. Or possibly even the Universe.
  2. Wipes. Good for more than just bottoms (though we use them for that, too).  Gypsy Girl won't come NEAR a table, chair,seat, bathroom, handrail, or sink that looks like it might be dirty. Don't even get me started on sticky. 
  3. Empty plastic bags. Gypsy Boy is a naked pooper. (Yes, that means he strips naked to “go”). Bathroom floors are nasty, so he likes a dry place to put his clothes.  Waiting isn't an issue for us, (chronic tummy troubles) so we make “the go” as easy as possible.  
  4. Baby Powder. Again, sensory issues at play. Neither Little can tolerate the feel of chafing or sticky skin. Probably all that needs to be said on that one. It also does wonders for removing sand from skin and hair. Who knew?!?!?!
  5. Nose Canceling Headphones. We have pink for Gypsy Girl, and black for Gypsy Boy. These come in handy when trying to block out each other's screams, surviving the car ride home, and fireworks. (***shhhhhh... don't tell, but Gypsy Mama has a yellow pair for said car ride). 
  6. “Fun Bag”. This is a gallon ziploc bag that only comes out on special occasions. Like when we have to send our food back because a pickle leaked juice on the fries. Or whatever. Sort of an “In case of Emergency Break Glass” sorta thing. Mine has a My Little Pony card game, crossword puzzle book, pens, dry erase markers, and a couple of travel games. You get the idea. 
  7. Hand Sanitizer. Not because I'm terrified of germs, more because Gypgy Boy and Girl are super grossed out by wet, splashy sinks. Which public bathrooms usually have plenty of. A little squirt of the good stuff makes us all happy. 

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