Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If you've been reading with us you'll recall a couple weeks ago when I went out on a ledge and shared my friend's story and asked if maybe she would like to be a guest writer on BeebsandBro. After a few days of suspense, she excepted. I can't wait to share some of her musings with you! As you may know,I've named her Gypsy Mama (because who doesn't want a super secret identity).I think her writing will coincide with the light-hearted, inspirational, "Lets just make it through the day with a smile", feel I want for this blog.In addition to being naturally witty, she has more then 12 years of spectrum experience to lend us all, plus she supposedly makes killer cupcakes. Introducing.....

Gypsy Musings


Gypsy Mama here. In light of my secret bean-eating gypsy fantasy being revealed, it only seems appropriate we know a little more about each other. I'll start with me. 

Gypsy Mama. I'm an indentured servant stay-at-home mom to Gypsy Boy (12) and Gypsy Girl (6). They both have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis (among other things).  Of course, you already know about my bean-eating fantasy.  I laugh at myself a lot, and you'll see I sometimes joke about my circumstances. I'd rather look at life and find a laugh, than a reason to cry. This in no way affects my devotion to my Littles and their needs... just my personal way of managing it all.  I love my life, and fully intend to giggle my through it as often as possible. 

Gypsy Boy. Formally diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), and Sensory Integration disorder. It's been suggested that the ADHD and GAD are actually just symptoms of the SID... but who really cares at this point.  Reality is, sensory issues abound. Along the lines of garlic= Armageddon. Or at the very least, Chernobyl

Gypsy Girl. Received a classic Autism diagnosis just before turning 3. No pretend play, eye contact, or useful language at that time. Twirly Whirly. Today, at 6, my girl is very “typical” and in a mainstream classroom tearing it up! No really. She's got ADHD... big time. I actually think the “H” in her diagnosis might stand for “hypersonic”. As in Mach Five. But that's a story for another day. Sensory seeking, extreme hyperactivity, and anxiety issues abound. Help me Rhonda. 

I'm sure I'll fill in the gaps soon, but there's a synopsis of life in our camp.

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