Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We have a first!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen....we have a first! So let me preface by saying that up until now Beebs has always had mega anxiety about face painting. That included people who had their face painted to just the mere suggestion of it. The way Sadie gets over things is practice and exposure. She has gotten used to her friends having there face painted for Halloween or at parties. She doesn't cry and scream anymore when she see's a face painting booth. Her new way of coping with her anxiety is to throw her arms tightly around you and repetitiously ask "Do you love me? Am I cute?" 

We were at a birthday party this weekend where lo and behold were all of her kindergarten friends getting their faces adorned with all manner of paint. Sadie looked interested so I asked her what she thought of the idea. Her rote response of "Do you love me? Am I cuuute?" was given and so I didn't push any further. I quickly got distracted by saving Bro from certain sand box doom and then plopped down to munch into a hotdog (don't judge I just really like them, processed meat and all). Before I knew it there was a little 5 year old kitten meowing in my face! Yes! Beebs had gotten her face painted! I couldn't help but squeal in delight and text a picture to Daddy. His response was "I don't believe what I am seeing!" I just love it when my daughter surprises me and does something totally typical! 

Now you may say "every kid has there thing", and they do, but to see that unnecessary anxiety melt away was just wonderful. It's even better when it's replaced with excitement and a little "meow".


  1. That's the cutest little kitten I've ever seen! Good for Sadie! :)

  2. What a pretty kitty! Another milestone checked off your checklist!!!


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