Monday, May 14, 2012

An answered prayer: Please let us survive the dentist

With all the things Sadie has to go through you would think that maybe perfect teeth should be granted her. No such luck. Today was dentist day number 3. The first day she wouldn't dare open her mouth for anything. The next visit with some nitric oxide it was a bit better as she retold a funny story to the staff thirty times over laughing loudly at herself every time. Today she did great as the dentist finally finished up the work he had to do on those pearly whites. Her Dentist was very nice and very hansom, which by the way when your wearing yoga pants and no makeup is always the case the law of the universe. Anyways he totally sang her to sleep during the drilling! It was then that I offered up my silent prayer of thanks. I don't ever expect things like this to go over smoothly but when they do this mother considers it a much needed miracle. 

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