Sunday, May 13, 2012

A mothers day post from Beebs and Bro's Dad

I have never posted here before, but today seems like the right day to share why we celebrate Mother's Day in our home. 

 Have you ever gone to the doctor or dentist with your child? Seen their little face as they get the needle or the drill? Can you remember a time when your little one was frustrated? Unable to accomplish a somewhat simple task due to their lack of size or strength? Or a skinned knee or a bruise received from falling down on the playground? As a father, these are some of my most feared events. In fact, I have been asked not to go the the doctors when the kids are getting shots because honestly, I react worse then they do. I'm sure this rings true with a lot of families. Moms are generally just better at seeing these tough situations through. 

 The point I'm trying to make is these fairly common occurrences with typical kids are a multiple times a day occurrence with our Beebs. From falling while using her walker, to not understanding why she can't jump and run like Bro can. These things, small as they seem are crushing to me as a father. Sometimes when I hear them I feel weightless. Floating in space, unable to effect the world around me. As I flounder around for some way to regain my footing and respond to these no win situations, in comes Mom to calmly and lovingly explain things in ways only she can. Not only can she diffuse these potentially harmful episodes,  but in the process can make Beebs feel special and included when just a moment before she was edging towards tears. 

 These types of situations, when I see the woman I love, use a deft hand and a kind smile to guide our children back from the precipice of self doubt and wounded spirits. These are the moments where I know that I have the most remarkable wife and our children have the most amazing Mother.

 Happy Mother's Day Sweetheart.


  1. This is beautiful and touching. You've got it absolutely right... Nicki is an amazing and wonderful mommy.

    It's always nice to hear someone tell you those things... but so much more meaningful to hear them tell SOMEONE ELSE. I'm sure this meant the world to her!

    So nice to hear a dad's perspective on it all.

  2. This really was by far the most thoughtful mothers day present ever! It did mean the world to me! I felt like my husband crowned me champion mom in front of the whole world ( or at least to my handful of readers)

  3. I couldn't agree with Micah more!! Nicki is absolutely amazing in so many ways!! She blesses the lives of her husband, kids, family, friends...and many many others without even realizing it. She is definitely someone I admire so much, and am so grateful to know! =)

  4. It's been a while since tears rolled down my face! Thank you for that uplifting message. It is great that you have that partner you can rely on in life to help push up those insurmountable mountains that seem impossible, but will hold your hand or push you from behind. And she knows exactly what you need, what the kids need, and what she needs to get the family through it. She is an amazing light in many of our lives and that light radiates from her heart through her smile!!!


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