Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

Our Fathers Day weekend was very nice. Micah had just gotten home from being in Florida for work all week. When ever he gets home from a trip he's exhausted from traveling and just wants to open the door to find a nice happy wife and family. Unfortunately I'm usually about ready to pull my hair out and dying for reinforcements to take over. There's always a mexican stand off for about a day. I'm grumpy and he's tired. Don't worry I pulled it together and was on my best behavior for Father's day weekend. On Saturday we took the kids in the wagon around the farmers market. I bought some strawberry and artichoke plants and then my dearest friend who was there with her family insisted on having us try these sandwich crepes. I mean really insisted like hers and thousands of other lives depended on it.  My Husband said he felt like a bomb was going to go off somewhere if we didn't eat one immediately.  So we partook.

 On Sunday I got up with the kids to let Micah sleep. I then thought me and Sadie should make homemade cinnamon rolls but I didn't have any yeast. I looked up a no rise cinnamon roll recipe and went to work. Sadie was quite the perfect little assistant. The rolls came out so cute looking. I even took a picture of them and thought about how fun it would be to blog about my first cinnamon roll attempt. Unfortunately when you bit into them they tasted exactly like someone took a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart and wadded it up into a ball. Not the worst taste ever but not what I was expecting. I guess I will just have to work on that one. The kids gave Dad there handmade cards. Sadie's message of course was "Viva Pi├▒ata !" We went to church and in Primary the teachers helped the kids fill out these questionnaires. This was from Bro:

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