Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank you kindly

 Just wanted to thank all my readers for their comments. I love reading comments! It really makes blogging that much more fun! I know I'm still a newish blog but if you feel so inclined, FOLLOW ME PLEASE! You can join Beebs and Bro at the bottom of the blog, and as your scrolling down you can take a look at the cuteness. After Kindergarten Graduation we went over to Ninah's house (Before Sadie had all of her sounds down she named her Grandma Ninah and now it's her very endearing name). Ninah had just emailed us pictures of her baby geese and Sadie couldn't wait to go to play with them. Apparently playing with baby geese invokes a ton of squealing and giggling. So proceed only if your prepared to smile.... wide.
Ninah's new chicken and gosling coop

Nothing is cuter then a little Bro chasing geese. NOTHING!

Sadie and her Ninah


  1. They are so adorable! And the geese are too, lol

  2. Those pictures are so stinkin' sweet! I love the new home for the geese and chicks too. Now I know why the kiddos were so excited to go! Double thumbs up Ninah!


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