Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ms. Insensitive

Alright so I feel like I need to clarify something. Our PT apparently reads my blog and thought that I made her sound a bit insensitive in my last post with her accusing me of "Locking up the real Sadie in the basement" and all:) Insensitive would never be a word to describe her. Our witty PT has worked with Sadie for nearly 4 years now. In my opinion Sadie has achieved all of her physical milestones because of Rachel. She cried with me when Sadie took her first independent steps and when she could finally balance while standing still for 10 seconds. For a short time we had to take a little break during said PTs maternity leave. Sadie came back  verbal with a full eye contact greeting for Rachel, and she could hardly contain herself.  I know she loves and cares about my kiddo nearly as much as I do. She has always been as anxious as I to figure out what is going on with Sadie's little brain.  Her input and advice have been priceless through my journey with Sadie. In fact if Racheal wasn't so darn "to the book" ethical and respectful of patient/therapist bla bla bla, I'm pretty sure we would hang out and down some salads and lemon aid together. At the risk of sounding a bit pathetic, with Sadie's PT regiment , I'm pretty sure I spend more time with Racheal then any of my other friends or extended family for that matter. That being said, read fast , for I may have to delete all this if Rachel finds something in her HIPAA rule book that says mommy's can't blog about there kids extraordinary PTs. So in my future posts when I merely call her our PT, for reference sake, know I am talking about one of the best people I've ever known who can make sly comments about basements whenever they wish:)

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  1. It is hard not to cry when you see that cute little face achieving her goals, not to mention when she is so excited herself. You are so lucky to have such wonderful service providers, but you and your family get people to be the best people they can be because they want nothing but the best for you all. Sadie's efforts are certainly worth giving your heart to!


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