Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Musings

We just got great news regarding a special needs bike for Sadie! Freedom Concepts, one of the companies we have been working with to get a bike asked if they could share our story with The Elks Club in our area! This is exciting because this may be a great kick start to fundraising the 4000$ needed to get her a bike! A bike this summer would be heavenly! Can you just imagine Beebs racing Bro around the neighborhood in a bike that she can actually ride?! It's so nice when things start to work out:)

Tomorrow is kindergarten graduation **sigh**Tomorrow may be unbearable. There's going to be singing! How will I stand the cuteness?! Do you think her teacher will think it's weird if I throw my arms around her and tell her she has been truly amazing and has made all the difference this year for Sadie? Do you think if I try to bribe her aids with promises of Starbucks and baked goods (made by Gypsy mama of course) they might be inclined to stay for the next 5 years? Hubby might start inching away from me if I start blubbering too much. No mascara tomorrow thats for sure:)

Both Sadie and I are a little frightened about how first grade will go down. I of course am reassuring Sadie all I can while my dear husband and sometimes Gypsy Mama have to endure my panic attacks.  I got a call tonight from the new school RSP coordinator (basically the person in charge of Sadie's case at school). She talked to me for an hour about next year. It was very reassuring. Sadie is keeping her one on one aid and all her services will remain the same. We also talked about letting Sadie see her classroom a week early so that she could be prepared for all the changes. I feel really good about this individual, the fact that she took the time to call really meant a lot. In case your not familiar with special needs programs in public schools, a courtesy call to ease a parents mind isn't the norm. I thank Heavenly Father every day for all the individuals that have been put in our path on this journey. Sometimes I forget to trust that everything is going to be fine, especially when somethings are beyond my control and I don't get what I think we need . We are always provided with something better. 

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  1. Beebs will do absolutely wonderful in 1st grade! Her perseverence and HUGE heart is certainly accepted in 1st grade, for sure. Not to mention her amazing support system behind her.


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