Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Beebs is back!

Witty word Wednesday has been interrupted to bring you this important post. You'll forgive me.

Have you ever felt like something wasn't real. Like you had to give yourself time to make sure said something was actually happening. Yesterday I felt like this and I couldn't post until I pinched myself a few more times to make sure it was reality.

So upon picking up Sadie from school, Sadie's dear teacher was excited to tell me that she took 5 steady steps on her own to sit down on her carpet spot. I was delighted and couldn't wait for our afternoon Physical therapy appointment to announce this great news. As I was reporting to our PT this outstanding progress another mommy in the office pointed out Sadie walking without a walker clear to the other side of the office like 30 feet away. Sadie then continued to make her wide u turn to walk all the way back to us. Seriously! She walked like a consistent 80ft without falling and giggling at us the whole time! After we picked up our jaws off the floor, our beloved PT who has been working with Sadie since the beginning of time promptly accused me of leaving the "real Sadie" locked up in my basement at home. Sorry Rachael didn't you know Californians don't get basements? Anyway we couldn't believe it! What a stinker! Much sleep has been lost over wondering if  we shouldn't have done the surgery or if she was ever going to go back to her former level of mobility. Lady's and Gentlemen, we are there. Her left foot was even going down almost all the way! This random mobility is what has always made Sadie's case unusual and has baffled many a doctor and definitely her poor physical therapist. It always gets my brain going: What did I feed her? What haven't I fed her? Have I been more consistent with home exercises? Have we changed our toilet paper?  Will she be like this tomorrow?

Today at school there was a "Hoedown". They churned butter, roped a plywood steer and even milked it's wooden dairy cow friend. It lasted 2 and a half hours and since it was outside on the black top she started in her walker and ended up in her wheelchair for the last bit. I was really worried that she was overly tuckered out and that yesterday had been a dream but again we we got to our afternoon PT session she managed to walk around quite a bit and did the same at home! She even walked from the car to the front door! The good days are back! I am to expect she will have her down days too as per usual (before surgery) but at least she has her little spurts of mobility back!!! Now we can start working on her old goals like getting up from the floor and stairs and oh maybe even cute little cowboy boots instead of stupid AFO's! The skies the limit now! Ok so I may be getting a little too giddy but I think I will just let myself be overwhelmed with happiness tonight. 

little cute cowboy boots in my dreams tonight


  1. Nicki, this post brightened my day! That's wonderful!

  2. You made me laugh, smile and even tear up a bit. I truly love that kiddo of yours :)

  3. It is absolutely wonderful to see the accomplishments she has made this year! She has certainly been a blessing in my life!

  4. Oh my goodness Nicki that is amazing news! You just amaze me! I love reading your posts. I find myself getting teary eyed whenever Sadi makes an accomplishment. It really is all of your hard work paying off. Sadi is one lucky girl to have you and you are one lucky mama to have her :).


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