Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy news if fun to share

I remember being in the third grade and talking with my best friend Maria about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I wanted to be a writer and she said she wanted to be a Mom. I remember my eight year old self thinking how strange an ambition that was. Maybe it was because how absent my own mother was or maybe its normal to think at eight years old that being a mom wasnt as glamorous as the usual " Im going to be a vetranarian or a dolphin trainer" What did I know, my dreams of being a writer were pretty far fetched and not so glamorous for a third grader either.

Maria had her little girl a year before I had Sadie. She has always been a model mother and someone I have always looked up to. Since having her daughter nearly 7 years ago Maria hasn't been able to have anymore children. She has a condition were its impossible for her to get pregnant on her own and doctors have been baffled as to how she had her daughter. They have done invitro 4 times and nothing ever took. Maria and her Husband decided it was time to try adoption. After a little over a year they were finally chosen by a birth mother to adopt. Everything seemed to be going smothly. My best friend was finally going to get another child and I couldnt be more thrilled... until I got a call while shopping in Home Depot. I answered the phone and Maria said in a slow consise voice "Nicki I need you to talk me through this"
"ok..." i said thinking that shes always the one talking me through my problems. This was not a problem.
" a thought popped into my head today," she said "I should take a pregnancy test.....and i did .......and its positive!"

Maria had discovered that she was suddenly 20 weeks pregnant and had no idea! This left me sobbing tears of joy in the middle of the garden section in Home depot. It was just a reminder that miracles can happen and i often forget that.

That being said i have packed my bags and kiddos and have driven to Utah to have a fun filled week with my friend and her family. We may just be having to much fun buying baby stuff and milking "real" cows so this week I will be blogging my week in pictures and will return next week:)

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  1. Oh my goodness. I just got so emotional reading this. I am not on facebook anymore so please tell Maria I said congrats. What an amazing blessing for their little family. I bet Abi is so thrilled. Does she know what she is having yet?

    Keep up the posts Nicki. You have inspired me so much as a mom and as a woman. Hugs!!


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