Sunday, January 27, 2013

No more Dull Drives!

I remember looking forward to the days when I was going to grow up and be a soccer mom, sans the dorky minivan. I of course was going to have a sleek squeaky clean SUV. Look at me now! First of all I love my minivan and will probably never go back to anything else, wheelchair or not. Second of all you could probably survive a week or two out of my car. It's a mess and I can't fully blame it on my crazy life. I am naturally a very disorganized person. 

Instead of soccer I drive to OT,PT, Speech, ABA, countless doctors appointments and now karate for Bro. As far as mileage goes I blow soccer moms out of the water! What I'm trying to say is I spend a ton of time in the car! Sometimes it's boring! Hubby does a significant of driving for work and he has always listened to audio books. There used to be a blockbuster video type place where he would go and rent a book to listen to on his trips. Why did it take me so long to catch on to this brilliant idea? I don't know. 

Now there is this little thing called No, they aren't paying me to endorse their product I'm just really trying to help moms who hear other moms talking about a great book series they just finished and there making a movie now, and blah, blah,blah. No more saying "Hunger what?". Now you can quote "and may the odds be ever in your favor" like you know what your talking about because you read all those books or listened to them anyway during your soccer mom shift. I have listened to so many great books this way! You just sign up for a monthly subscription and download the app. I have the lowest subscription I think it's like 9.99 for 1 book a month but you can try it for free. You should so you stop hitting your head on the steering wheel when you get in the car and realize all the driving your about to do all day long! I think it might be fun to keep you updated with what I'm reading and I would love it if you would message me with your great audible finds too! Have you listen to /read any good books lately?

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