Friday, January 25, 2013

Service Dog for Beebs

Are you ready for our next adventure? After being on a list for a service dog for two years (not to mention monthly nagging emails) I received news that Sadie will now receive one! Are we excited? YES!!!And nervous, and hopeful and just down right giddy about it. Sometimes I think I'm just as excited about getting a service dog as Sadie, who you can imagine is over the moon(verbage for you Dana). This news has been a welcome distraction while we are waiting to see the metabolic specialist for Sadie's new diagnosis of a Mitochondria disorder. So instead of throwing myself on the floor to kick and scream in frustration for the lack of progress I've been busying myself with reading about dog behavior and training. 
Two years ago I saw this video. This girl was just like Sadie at the time and I had a strong feeling that I needed to get Sadie a service dog. I called my best friend Maria, knowing she would give me honest advice and of course tell me I'm crazy and I have to much to deal with already. Instead she affirmed my feeling and told me that if it was something that could help Sadie I could do it 100 percent. Then she told of how even though she didn't think she would have ever been a dog person, her dog Zoey is a very much loved addition to their family and has been great for her daughter Abby. So here I am two years later and it's happening!

I don't mean to be insensitive to those who for whatever reason take on the rigorous process of adopting a child but in a sense I feel like thats exactly what I will be doing. We will start training with a dog who is about 18 months old. There will be at somewhere between 3 to 6 months of training before we get to bring the dog home and then more training after that. It is a very thorough process, the very reason why I chose to get a dog in this way, other then fundraising for a dog and having to go out of state for a shorter version of training. I know that I will need the training just as much or even more so then the dog:) We will most likely be getting a Labordoodle or a Poodle, both which can help with Sadie's mobility issues and Autistic behaviors. I will keep you updated on this process every step of they way on my blog and on our Facebook page so keep checking in to see the progress. 


  1. So excited for you guys! If you have time there is a book called Until Tuesday that you should read. It'a about a service dog. Everyone will love the dog. It is a great adventure and totally worth it!

  2. I'm getting more excited every day! I will definitely have to check out that book! Thanks!

    1. Hi, I'm Karen's sister, I'm wondering if Sadie is going to see Bruce Barshop, MD or Robert Naviaux, MD? Their clinic would be my next suggestion if Sadie's doctor thinks that it might be mitochondrial.

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  3. A dog can truly become a child best friend!


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