Monday, April 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Here is how our monday morning went today. Let me just sum it up in the texting frenzy I had with "Gypsy Lady" or shall we call her "Gypsy Mama"?

Me: So my Sadie screamed at me this morning saying "I WANT TO HAVE A PINCHING FIGHT FOR THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!! AND I WANT TO MAKE EVERYONE CRY!" This all because of the absence of string cheese in the fridge. She continued the rest of the morning all the way to school screaming "I AM GOING TO STEP ON EVERYONES TOES IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!" What happened to my sweet girl?Where does she come up with this stuff? Please tell me it could be worse.

GM: (((hugs))) mama!! Sounds like a rough morning. Sadie is so stink in creative! A 3 day pinch party??? Hysterical. If anything it's a great story. Have you seen "pete the cat" (whatever it is) the book they are reading at school? The cat has all these things happen he doesn't like...But does he get upset? "goodness no!" There is a CD and a song. My daughter practically has it memorized. We've been practicing different scenarios (brainstorming them) and saying "goodness no!" it seems to help.

Me: I haven't actually read it. Great idea! I know Sadie loves that book.

GM:(((hugs))) sadie may have had a bad morning, but she has an amazingly creative mind, and a mouth to verbalize. There was a time when my daughter had zero concept of pretend, zero creativity, and no useful language (only ehcolalia)

Me: I know it's always my first thought right after she tantrums. I have to remind myself that I prayed really hard for this:)

GM: Indeed. ;) like the football coach in my middle school said, get up, rub some dirt on it and get in there. And go buy some cheese. ;)


  1. Whoever this "GM" is, she sounds super fun. And nice. And like she probably makes really yummy cupcakes! My vote is for "Gypsy Mama".

    Hoping today was better!

    1. It was better, I merely got an "I LOVE YOU ZERO!" during a double frenchbraid. I figured by the end of it we were pretty much even. And yes I have heard of the tastiness of said cupcakes however I've only been privy to some pretty delicious dairy free chocolate chip cookies:)


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