Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Witty Words Wednesday plus a shocking report

Words can make all the difference to our kiddos. Words carry meaning, tone and emotion. There are certain things you can say to Sadie that will give her a mound of anxiety that she doesn't know what to do with. Before she could speak it was a reality that she felt all her emotions ten fold. She didn't know how to recognize  or express what she was feeling. As parents we know what sets off our kids. We knew we couldn't talk about going to sleep or being sick. Sadie would have a panic attack if she saw a sleeping dog or crying baby. The people close to our family knew these things about Sadie and stayed clear of the subjects out of love and care for her. It was so hard to not have any way to comfort her and for her to not have the language to express how and why she was feeling the way she was. 

I have recently been reading reports about teachers and aids verbally abusing special needs children in the classroom. I watched a video where a teacher used a source of her non verbal students anxiety to punish him and make him cry. I felt ill. If you haven't seen the reports and you haven't eaten in a the last couple hours CLICK HERE. I can't imaging this happening in Sadies class ( If I haven't mentioned it yet I think the world of her teacher and aids) but she is in a mainstream class. The thought that this can happen in a place were the kids don't have a voice makes my blood boil!

Ok to bring your blood pressure down a notch I wanted to start "Witty Words Wednesday"

A. It will help me practice spelling Wednesday. Yes I mess it up so badly that spell check can't even help.

B. I wanted to start a consistent post segment and lets face it other peoples words are inspiring. Why is it that words from others (as long as they aren't a parent or spouse) seem genius? 

Anyhow, Here ya go. If you want to find the source for these brilliant words you can go to my PINTEREST 


  1. Little Akian, he is fortunate to have Stuart as his dad. What he did in posting on YouTube brought his story to hundreds of thousands of people who support him, you and I included. Spreading the word is the first step to removing power abusing people pretending to act as "teachers" when they simply do not deserve that label, in my opinion. I'm with you on the blood boil thing!

    On a lighter note, I never heard of "Witty Words" Wednesday before! I like it and what you have chosen as well! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Karen! And thanks for sharing Stuarts video on your blog in the first place. Your right, people should be made aware and outraged that this could even happen! I still can't believe that "teacher" still has a job! BTW I just happened upon your blog from Lana's blog and I'm loving it!


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